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For information about commissioning a portrait by Sharon Grubbs, contact Melinda Willms at (704) 778-5218 or contact by email ().


"When you select Sharon to paint a portrait, she will want to personally meet with to become familiar with her subject and your desires for the finished portrait. She will help to guide you in attire and setting; size, background preference and any additional items will also be finalized at this time.

An appointment will be set for a photo session, which involves Sharon photographing the subject(s)in various settings and poses. These images will be made ready for your review in a timely manner to allow careful consideration and choice of the source photograph for the portrait.

Once the portrait is complete, a final appointment will be made to review the painting and request any minor changes."

Head & Shoulders $1,500
20" X 16" – 30" x 24"

Three-Quarter Figure $3,000
30" x 24" – 40" x 30"

Full Length $4,200
40" x 30" – 48" x 36"

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